3 Reasons to have a Flue CapReason # 1

Spring is in the air and the critters are on the move.  Mama raccoon is looking for a good, safe place to birth her “kits” and if you have a masonry chimney without a flue cap, you may be chosen for her new home.  A good quality flue cap installed correctly will keep critters out of the flue.

Reason #2

An uncapped chimney allows leaves and weather to come down your flue.  Water, when mixed with creosote creates lye (like Great Grandmother used to make soap) and that can deteriorate or “eat” the mortar joints in the flue.  Over time, this can create either a fire hazard or a fume hazard.

Reason #3

As of 1989, regional building requires an approved spark arrestor be installed on all flues. Older homes without them are grandfathered until either a repair is done or the home is sold.

Dr. SOOT can provide either standard or custom flue caps for your chimney.  All of the caps we handle are stainless steel and come with a limited lifetime warranty (we can’t warranty our caps to stay on over 65 mph winds).  If you have problems with wind coming down your flue, we have a fix for that – commonly known as a high wind or Vacu-Stack cap.  As the wind blows harder, the draw gets better.  We’re happy to answer questions, so give us a call.

Dr. SOOT Chimney Caps Cartoon

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