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As one of the top Colorado Springs chimney professional cleaners, we get lots of questions about all things having to do with chimneys. 

To answer a few common questions, we’ve compiled five frequently asked questions for Colorado Springs chimney cleaners.

 Why does my chimney need to be cleaned?

You may be surprised that deep inside your chimney exists nasty crud which builds up during the burning season. Professional chimney cleaners do the dirty work of removing blockages, soot, and creosote build-up that occurs from burning wood and  other debris that gets into your chimney.

Clearing this build-up makes it safer to use your fireplace and chimney in the winter seasons. When creosote build-up occurs, it increases the possibility of a chimney fire because it’s a highly flammable substance.

If a small chimney fire occurs but is quickly contained, do not assume this solved the issue. There are still flammable materials in your chimney and it should be cleaned immediately before further use.

Keep your family safe by having your chimney cleaned regularly so you’re not at risk for chimney fires. These weaken the structure of your chimney and could ultimately cause further damage to your house.

How often should my chimney be cleaned and inspected?

At the very least, your chimney should be cleaned/swept once a year. Your chimney may need more cleanings throughout winter if accumulation of creosote occurs at a higher rate. This can result from a stove not working properly or by burning improper materials like pine or green wood (wood that’s not seasoned or dried).

Can I just do it myself?

It’s possible, but quality chimney cleaning and inspections should always be done by a trained professional. Chimney sweepers do a thorough job of cleaning your chimney, flue, and chimney cap of all forms of debris and creosote build-up while disposing of toxic and flammable materials.

Though there are many DIY tasks you can do on your own around your home, chimney cleaning is one that is better taken care of by a trusted professional. It’s less headache for you and you receive peace of mind that the job was done right according to national standards.

What time of year should it be cleaned?

It’s recommended to have your chimney cleaned following the burning season in the spring or early summer. The busy season for chimney sweepers is during the fall and winter months so having your chimney cleaned early will help you avoid the last minute rush.

If you miss the early cleaning, don’t take chances. Schedule an appointment with us and be patient before you use your fireplace- just to be safe.

How long does it take to clean it?

Depending on the type of wood-burning system and chimney, plan on allowing approximately 45-90 minutes for a cleaning with a crew of two or approximately 60 minutes for a solo sweep.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment to have your chimney swept and checked, call us at 719-598-4466.  We’ll make sure the job is done right. 

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