Do you ever wonder how many steps are in a process?  Or why you are only shown the before and after picture?  Well, we want to give you the full story on how Dr. SOOT can fully repair your chimney and how much effort it takes to do the project right!  We take pride in your home and in our work.  It is important as a home owner to know how to care for and when to repair your chimney.  Dr. SOOT wants to keep your family and your home safe.  Enjoy the Process!

Step 1 – Setting the forms and breaking up base for adhesion

Step 2- Setting the flue tile and spanners for the form

Step 3- Begging to fill the form with concrete

Step 4 – Chopping the mixture to release air for a smoother finish

Step 5 – Continuing to fill and chop

Step 6 – Floating the top for a smooth finish

Step 7- Covering with a tarp for protection against inclement weather

Step 8- Finished Crown

Dr. SOOT hopes you have enjoyed our work!