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Dr. SOOT, Chimney Sweep, Inc.

WE TREAT THE FLUE… And other ailments too!

Keeping Your Family Safe

Do you know if your chimney a fire hazard? You may not know the answer because everything that would cause a fire is on the inside, hidden from sight. Many people never think about chimney maintenance until an animal gets in, smoke is sucked into the house or, worst of all, a comforting fire on the hearth ignites a damaging fire in the walls due to creosote. So, if you need more information – Here are Five Reasons You Need a Chimney Sweep and Inspection. “I recently purchased a house from the ’70’s and I was unsure of the condition of the fireplace. Dr. Soot came by and let me know my chimney was in fantastic condition! … [H]e only charged me for the check, which was much simpler than hoped for, so I had peace of mind for much less!” – Larisa Janzen

Your Local Professional Chimney Sweeps

First of all, your chimney is our main concern. At Dr. Soot, we take your safety and the condition of your chimney seriously. Some companies offer amateur chimney cleaning as an add-on or in their off-season, but we don’t think prevention of home fires should be an afterthought. We are certified chimney sweeps and active members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Chimney Safety Institute of America. “I used Dr. Soot Chimney Sweep to clean our wood-burning fireplace. They showed up on time [and] did a fast and thorough job. We expected to have ash to clean up, BUT they did all the clean up and left the fireplace looking like new. I would highly recommend them. After the fact I found out  that they are a member of the Chimney Sweep Guild and are real professionals, not just some guy with a brush!” – Craig McColm Your chimney may have cracks in the flue, animal nests or highly flammable creosote lining the chimney. As a result, a devastating fire could occur.  Why take that chance when a reliable chimney sweep is affordable?   Finally, whether your home is in Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Fountain, Peyton, Black Forest, and Manitou Springs, call us today and let us take a look. Our mission “Keep our customers safe, and put a smile on their face“. Dr Soot Chimney Sweep Inc, Chimney Cleaning, Colorado Springs, CO COLORADO SPRINGS chimney sweepClick for review