Wood stoves are becoming a popular choice for heating homes on a budget and cutting heating bills during winter months. The following will help guide you in choosing your next Colorado Springs wood stove.

It’s important to know how to chose the best wood stove for your space and usage. Whether replacing an old stove or considering a fireplace insert there are many aspects to consider before you buy. Some wood stoves are a better choice than others and the wrong fit could cause unwanted issues.

Determine The Location

Room size and location are important to consider when choosing a new wood stove. Wood stoves are designed to heat a specific area and not an entire home. Will it be located in a wide, open room or a small closed-in room? Your location, size of the room or space and life style will be the main factors in determining the size of stove you need.

Choose The Right Size

Some wood stoves are used for “zone heating”. A professional in wood stove sales or wood stove installation can help figure out the proper size based on the area to heat.

Small wood stoves are great for heating a living room, small cabin, or cottage. Small stoves can also be used in large homes to offset the cost of heating the entire home. Medium-sized wood stoves are great for small homes, energy efficient homes, or winter use. Large wood stoves should be used in large, open homes or older, drafty homes in cold climates.

Wood Stove Options

Though many styles exist, three main types of stoves are available: free standing wood stoves, fireplace inserts and pellet stoves.

Free-standing wood stoves are made of steel, cast iron or stone. They burn wood for fuel and come in multiple styles, colors, and sizes. They require installation of a 2100 degree flue either through the roof or through the wall of the home. Clearances to non-combustibles is a major concern and installation should be performed by a licensed professional.

Inserts are installed into an existing fireplace. Proper installation includes a steel alloy liner that goes all the way down the flue and directly connects to the stove. These inserts are very energy efficient and allow you to control the heat while reducing drafts in your home. They also allow you to safely walk away while the fire is burning. The installation should be performed by a licensed professional. 

Pellet stoves are similar in appearance but burn renewable fuel pellets made of compressed dried wood and biomass waste. These pellets are poured into a hopper which is fed to the burn cup by an electric auger. It’s important to note most pellet stoves require electricity to use which makes them a poor choice in areas which suffer power outages. The other drawback of the pellet stove is they only burn pellets that must be stored indoors away from moisture or they turn to mush. Sub-grade pellets can cause operational problems with the feed mechanism.

Consult a wood burning professional when purchasing a new stove for your home. They’ll guide you in choosing the best fit for your home and life style.

If you’re looking for local wood stove sales and wood stove installation in Colorado Springs, Dr. SOOT can help. We offer a wide range of stove and fireplace inserts to fit any space and professional installation services to get the job done right. Call us at (719) 598-4466 for more information on wood stove sales and wood stove installation.


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