Maintenance is key to SafetyCO Detector

Just like changing the oil in your car prolongs its life, the same is true for fireplaces and woodstoves. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends all wood burning systems (fireplaces and woodstoves) be structurally checked annually and have their chimneys swept as necessary. Spring is the best time of year to do it because demand is less, promotional pricing is often available AND your system will be ready for the next burn season.

Fireplaces and woodstoves can emit carbon monoxide if they are blocked or the draft is not optimal. Having your chimney checked cost between $80 – $250 depending upon the type of system and servicing required. If you were to suffer an insurance loss from a fire that was determined to be from lack of proper maintenance the insurance company may not pay for the damages. Wouldn’t it be better to be safe than sorry?

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