Over the course of the last few weeks the residence of Colorado Springs have all been faced with the fragility of our community and property when fire is involved.  The Waldo Canyon Fire took our neighborhood by storm but did not take away the remarkable tenacity of our community.  The overwhelming efforts of our firefighters and supporting agencies have proven to be a cornerstone in defining Colorado Springs.

As a local business, experts in making sure your home is safe from home fires started by fireplaces, we want to extend a deeply felt thank you to all of our local heroes.  We also want to say to our neighbors who have lost so much that we are thinking of you and praying for you during this time of transition and rebuilding.  The Dr. SOOT family is incredibly grateful and happy you all are at least safe.

Our communities’ safety is the main goal of Dr. SOOT.  We give your chimney the most thorough sweep and repair so you and your family will be safe.  With our Colorado climate, it is important to maintain a safe and healthy chimney. The winter months are approaching and the way this year is going by we all will be lighting fires and roasting chestnuts soon.  So, before nestling down, we at Dr. SOOT want to give you some tips on the importance of having a well maintained Chimney and being a responsible homeowner in this community.  Help us keep our community free from fire damage.

  1. Make sure that no trees overhang your roof or chimney, there should have at least 5′ clearance.
  2. Do you have an approved spark arrestor (ie flue cap) on your flue?  A flue cap serves 3 purposes:
  • Keeps mother nature out of the flue

Keeping Mother Nature Out

  • Sheds rain away from the flue so it can’t mix with water, creating lye that eats the mortar joints between flue tiles.
  • Act as an approved SPARK ARRESTOR – so when embers (or as my Grandmother used to call them, iggies) try to exit the flue they hit the top of the flue can, break up, and immediately extinguish.

3.  If you have as little as 1/8″ of buildup in your flue – a chimney fire can be ignited —  chimney fires can go from ambient temp (about 700 – 900 degrees) to over 2,000 degrees in less than 11 seconds.  So make sure you tend to your chimney.

Be Safe Colorado Springs!

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