Santa Claus Is Coming to Town...Is Your Chimney Ready?
Santa Bringing Joy to all the Good Boys and GirlsIt was a peaceful scene if you looked outside.  Snow fell with a whisper, gently covering the large fir trees surrounding the clearing.  In the soft light of the night, you could just barely see the lights of the barn, where the reindeer were snuggled up warm in the hay.  If you turned and looked at the room behind you, however, it was a scene of chaos.  Music blared, bright lights shone, the sounds of hammers echoed as elves hurried and scurried to and fro.

It was the night BEFORE the night before Christmas, and the North Pole was in final preparations for the big night.  Final touches were put on the toys and gifts that Santa would deliver around the world the next night.  Lists were being checked and double-checked – who was naughty and who was nice?

Mrs. Claus was carefully hanging Santa’s freshly cleaned coat next to the fire, so that it would be warm when he put it on the next night.  She straightened the shoulders, brushed some lint from the arm, and fluffed up the gleaming white fur that circled the collar and wrists.

Santa looked up from his place at the desk and shook his head. “Why do you bother?” he growled. “ By the time I’m done, I’ll be covered in soot!  There won’t be a white spot on that coat.  You’re just wasting your time.”

“Now, Santa” said Mrs. Claus, shaking her head. “Don’t be such a grump.  It’s important that you look good.  What if some little boy or girl wakes up and sees you?  If your coat is all dirty and black, won’t they use you as an excuse not to wear clean clothes?  If Santa can wear a dirty coat – why should I change my shirt, they’ll say!  No, you must set a good example, my dear, or they will all end up on the naughty list. And then,  you’ll have no one to deliver all those wonderful gifts too. ”

“I just wish that everybody was like the people of Colorado Springs,” he replied.  “THEY know how to get on the nice list!  Why, they have fires in their fireplaces all the time, and yet, I don’t get covered in soot when I go down their chimneys.  I wonder what their secret is?”

“Why, dear, you know what it is!  They clean their chimneys!  They know that the cleaner a chimney is, the safer a chimney is.  And, they don’t want you dragging dirt through their living rooms either. “

“Ah yes, they use a professional chimney sweep, don’t they?  Where is my Colorado Springs list?  I need to double check it.  I think there are probably a lot more people from there that belong on my nice list!”

If you want to stay on Santa’s nice list, maybe you should think about cleaning your chimney!

Call Dr. SOOT Chimney Sweep in Colorado Springs at 719-598-4466.  Santa won’t have to worry about getting dirty coming down your chimney.

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