Six Tips For Caring For Your Home in the Mountains

Are you new to the mountains? Colorado Springs and the rest of the Front Range cities are nestled up against the Rocky Mountains, but even if your home here is on the plains, it’s probably at least 5,000 feet above sea level. Weather conditions are a little different in our high desert climate and our homes need a bit of extra care.

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Keep an eye on your foundation

Much of our soil is an expansive clay that expands as it gets wet, which can cause movement in the foundation. If you see diagonal cracks in your inside or outside walls, changes in the way your windows and doors fit or cracks in your home’s foundation, you’ll want to call a professional.

Keep water away from your home

Prevent problems with your foundation by making sure your gutters are clean and the downspouts empty far from the home. If you live on a hill, you may want to dig a shallow drainage ditch between your house and your uphill neighbor. We recommend Seamless Choice Siding & Roofing for gutter and downspout work.

Keep your HVAC systems maintained

Our high desert climate is known for extremes. The temperature can fluctuate 50 degrees between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. in a single day. Keep cracks and holes in your home sealed to keep the temperate air inside (and black widow spiders outside!). We recommend our local Afterwards Handyman to help you keep the home sealed. Make sure your furnace and any cooling systems are well maintained, ASAP Heating and Cooling is our local expert of choice for HVAC maintenance, equipment replacement and emergency work.

Use energy-efficient window coverings

We have very strong sunlight at high altitude. The air is thinner, so more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays reach the ground here. The sun shines about 300 days per year and can create a lot of heat and glare inside your home. The right window coverings can save you money by helping keep your home cool and preventing the sunlight from fading your home furnishings. We recommend local interior designer Pikes Peak Interiors to help you choose the right window treatments for our climate.

Maintain your landscaping

With so little rainfall and frequent high winds, yard maintenance is a little different in Colorado Springs. If you have grass, you need to water it in the winter or it will die. You will also need to water your trees once a month to keep them healthy and be sure to trim dead branches before a gust of wind lands them on your roof. If high winds or a hailstorm cause damage to your roof, be sure to contact a local roofer, such as our favorite, Triton Roofing & Solar.

Prevent Fires With Regular Chimney Maintenance

And, of course, keep your fireplace, woodstoves and dryer vents clean. You may be surprised at how dry it is here in the high desert. It’s not unusual for us to see 9% humidity; these dry conditions mean fires start more easily. You can protect your home with regular maintenance of heat exhaust conduits.

We can help you protect your family from fire. Did you just purchase your home? We’ve been around since 1989 and it’s likely we’ve worked on your home before. You may even have received a reminder card from us.

Call us today and we’ll make sure your home and family are safe from a chimney fire.