Sometimes there is nothing better than a warm fire in the fireplace.  When the beauty of the changing Aspens is offset by the chill in the air, or the sparkle of the snow is outdone by the cold, or even if you just want to add a little romance to your evening, flames flickering in the fireplace can hit just the right spot.  But, what if you don’t have a fireplace?  Adding a traditional wood burning fireplace can entail a great deal of work.  It could mean knocking out walls, building a chimney, building permits and major construction.  There is an easier way.  Instead of a wood or gas fireplace, consider an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces don’t have complicated installations.   Simply plug them into any electrical outlet, in any room.  Unlike wood or gas, they don’t need to vent to the outside.  There is no need for stacks of firewood, or the expense of running an additional gas line.  You don’t have to worry about burning embers, or cleaning out the firebox.

Electric fireplaces of the past did not give you the real feel of a wood burning fireplace.  They felt like more of a glorified electric heater.  Now, new technology has allowed manufacturers to create realistic looking logs that have an inner glow and fading embers.  Artificial logs can snap, crackle and pop just as wood logs do. Flames are adjustable to have a soft glow or roaring flames, whatever suits your mood.  If you like something more contemporary, you can skip the logs and use fire glass instead.  Fire glass is specially treated and tempered glass that comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any décor.

There are a variety of models and styles to from which to choose.  From traditional looking, with wood surrounds and mantels, or classical with stone surrounds and mantels, to the ultra modern, there is an electric fireplace that fits into any décor.  Some models can even be mounted on the wall, like works of art.

The main components of an electric fireplace are the blower unit, the logs and the controls.  Heat output can vary from 1,350 to 1,500 watts, which is enough to heat comfortably 130 to 150 square feet.   Most have 2 stage blowers and remote controls.  You can even enjoy the flames without the heat, so you can enjoy a fire at any time of the year.

If you’ve always wanted to have a fireplace, but either didn’t want to mess with the wood and ashes of a traditional fireplace, or couldn’t afford the construction costs, an electric fireplace can be a good alternative.  Because they need no venting, electric fireplaces can even be used in apartments.  At Dr. SOOT, we can help you find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.  Talk to us about it today, and while the snow swirls outside, you’ll be cozy and comfortable inside in front of a roaring fire.

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